The social selling season is almost upon us! Are you ready to throw tons of Facebook parties for your excited hostesses? There’s no need to turn down any bookings due to timing overlaps, you can easily accept all requests and have multiple parties going at once without stressing or worrying about any mishaps. This can literally quadruple your income and we’re going to show you how to make it happen!

I love how CinchShare helps me keep my business organized by allowing me to make posts on multiple shows. I love that it’s easy to use and the convenience of setting up future posts. I can set up whole shows at once and setup the timings. The features like copying one show over to another, changing times and so on, sure make things much easier for me!

Sherry Truscott, Pampered Chef



With CinchShare, you’re able to easily handle several Facebook Parties at one time. We have many happy users who are doing just that right this very minute! Here is what they do, step by step:

Step 1:
Create your part script and graphics (this is actually the most time consuming part!).

We suggest that you have two or three different versions so that you aren’t putting out the same exact party at the same time. This not only keeps you from getting bored but it also makes Facebook happy and you avoid getting put in “Facebook Jail” because you’re not acting in a robotic manner.

Step 2:
Save and store your party scripts into their own Folders.

You can do this using CinchShare’s Bulk Photo Upload feature. Once you have all your posts in place, this will be where you can perfect them by editing the post messages and swapping out images inside the folder.

Step 3: 
Schedule your first party using our Batch Post feature.

It will only take a few seconds, we’re not kidding! See for yourself:

Step 4:
If you’re going to use the same party script for another party…

go back to that folder and batch it again to the correct FB party network, then you can use the Find/Replace feature to swap out the host’s name and ordering links, any time related info (as in changing ‘good night’ to ‘good day’) and BAM! your next party is ready to go!

Step 5:
Sit back and wait for the guests in your parties …

to comment so you can engage with them and build long lasting relationships!

*Remember that partying in Facebook Groups allows for better notifications and engagement for everyone (learn how to get one set up here) and of course, always be upbeat and properly coach your Hosts for super successful results!



I do multiple parties at a time and this helps me schedule all my posts. I can also share content with my team! Scheduling motivational posts and engagement posts for weeks at a time with just a few clicks is so easy. I just love it!

Katie Corrigan, Younique

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