The CinchTeam loves to see our users throwing successful Facebook parties! Krista Clay with Pink Zebra is doing a fantastic job captivating her hosts and guests with amazingly fun and active parties, so we decided to host one ourselves so we could see (and share!) firsthand how she’s been killin’ it online with her 7 Day Facebook Party model. We had an absolute blast and she was happy to share her process with you in this Q&A!

Question 1 – Party Model

CinchShare: Krista, you do a party model where the party is open for 7 days, can you tell us more about the 7 day model, why you keep it open for 7 days and why that works for you and your Hosts/Customers?

Krista: The 30 min or 1 hour parties never really work for me or customers. People are too busy to show up at any certain time. Life is in the way and let’s be honest, you can’t really tell enough about such a great product in such little time. I want my customers to get to know me and Pink Zebra. I try to give the closest thing to a home party feel through the computer. Also, I want to try and hit two pay days! In my opinion, I feel like this gives everyone time to pop in and out when they feel like it and at their convenience. I need time to get samples in their hands and build a relationship with them. Both of those are critical!! Not too short and not way too long!

Question 2 – Host Coaching

CinchShare: You send your Hosts a Happy Mail Hostess Packet with marketing materials and goodies, can you tell us more about that? What is the intention of the Host Packet? Where do you get your stuff? How do you decide what to put in it?

Krista: The packet that I send out is a catalog or two depending on the size of the party or if they need them for work as well as home, pamphlets, a card or two and around 15 sprinkle samples. The key is that the customers know what the product really is. How can a hostess get excited and get their people excited if they are unsure themselves? All of the products that are mailed come from my personal stock. This is something that I choose to do for my customer and my business. Sprinkles in the hand make a huge difference. I want the hostess to be able to show and share with others! Even them posting pics is huge. The visual along with the product is enticing! Otherwise we are just another wax product. Remember to give that in home feel through the mail and computer! What I put in there is just the basics. I will not send a bunch of papers for them to read. It is my job, through hostess coaching, to talk and build a relationship to explain who and what and where and how and when. Besides, once they see the sprinkles we will be lucky if they make it to the catalog let alone a bunch of paperwork!! Let’s be real….save some trees. All that paperwork that people send rarely gets looked at! You build relationships by having conversations in any form. Relationships are the key to your business. The hostess is the pivot point in a successful party vs. not successful party! Build a great relationship with them and get to know them because of course you want them to join your team by the end as well!

Question 3 – Pre-Party Posts

CinchShare: Can you tell us more about your use of pre-party posts and why you choose the ones you use?

 I typically do an introduction with a picture! I want them to know who is posting and a little about me and what is going to happen. I do love the video concept or going live for an introduction and will start implementing that as well! The virtual catalogs will spark interest or get them asking questions. It’s an ice breaker in a sense to allow them to at least see what we are talking about if they have never heard of us before. I don’t want to overdo it with the typical “how do you know our hostess” posts. This may seem crazy but most of the time they already know each other. Let’s get sprinkles in their hands by playing a game that allows me to interact with them and get to know them! I do not do a lot of pre-party posts because it can be confusing to the customers and then annoying because they lose track of when the party really starts. I try not to lose them before we start! As we see I post plenty during the party!

Question 4 – Party Posts

CinchShare: Your party outline was different than we have experienced before. You highlight different types of products each day – tell us more about why you do that.

Krista: I know my party is very unconventional. It works though! I was in an online party once where when it was over the only thing I really knew was how everyone knew each other and that waiting on the posts for that hour made me look at everything else but the party. I wanted to make sure that people knew the product with my parties. When random stuff is just spewed onto the screen it makes no sense for people that have never heard of us. With my party script I am teaching about our product from the basics, like reading a book from the front to the back. I want people to know what they are getting and know how amazing the company and the product line is. I try to have engagement and fun. The more engagement, the more fun is created. The more fun, the more people come back to the party. The more of that the more sales overall. There will always be one person who hates all the posting, but so many people are looking for a fun and positive place to be. So I try to create that for them. Again, it goes back to a home party feel through the computer and always building relationships. The goal is to get them to want to come over to my Pink Zebra group page, make purchases and even join my team. That takes relationships and trust. I want them to call me “Krista my sprinkle girl” or “Krista the sprinkle pusher” not “that Pink Zebra consultant”. I will always stand by building relationships through old school customer service.

Question 5 – After Party Posts

CinchShare: Can you tell us about your after party posts, what your intention is with them and why you use the ones you do?

Krista: I will be honest, the only real way that I do any posting after the party is over is if the link stays open longer for someone’s pay day. Then it will only be to remind them of closing. I cover just about everything possible while the party is going on. What I have done is gone back later and posted a special or a new catalog release. Or unless the hostess joins my team I will make sure that is announced.

Bonus: A guest asked her: Do you hand the group over to the hostess as her VIP group if she becomes an consultant?
Krista replied: I do it often! The information is already there for her and saves her tons of time and she is learning at the same time! CinchShare: This is just one of the reasons why we love partying in Facebook groups!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Krista’s 7 Day Facebook Party Model! Do you find that it would be a good fit for your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to join our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group to connect and chat with us there!

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