Figuring out what to post daily on Facebook can seem like such a chore. Who has hours to spend sitting there posting simply to remain consistent and stay in your followers’ newsfeeds? With a simple strategy in place, you can literally knock it all out in no time! Here are five great types of evergreen content, i.e., content that doesn’t have an expiration date, that will help you shuffle through the months, keep your fans’ attention and allow you to focus on your business building game plan.


1. Engagement Posts

Everyone loves offering their input on Facebook! Give them what they want with engagement posts! Ask them questions with simple options which relate to your business but aren’t about product specific such as: On a Scale of 1-10, Fill in the Blank, This or That, or A/B/C/DIt’s always best to grab their attention with a visual image so create a graphic with our Design with Canva button and your fans will be sure to notice your posts. Here is a great example of a This or That post for someone who sells wine:


2. Articles 

Yes, people still like to read! Especially when you bring the content to them. Use resources like Flipboard, Buzzfeed and PopSugar to find funny, heartfelt or educational articles that you know your followers will appreciate. You can also use Google Alerts and select your key words/genres to have the topics come to you!

3. Videos 

Videos are HUGE! According to Social Media Today, “Facebook now serves a staggering 8 billion video views per day.” That’s a lot! YouTube and Vimeo are both great places to search for evergreen content. You can subscribe to your favorite channels and receive a notification when new videos are uploaded. Topics like mom humor, DIY design, kids’ crafts and simple family recipes are perfect for rescheduling monthly! Gifs are also a fun choice for some animated posts – you can grab them from Giphy and even create and schedule your own!


4. Memes

Admit it, when you see a meme (pronounced “meem” in case you were wondering) it’s rare that you don’t crack a smile or have some sort of gut reaction! They are shared often because of their blunt, to-the-point graphics. We love that you can create your own memes at Meme Generator and imgflip to really express yourself. Make sure to use their images or your own so you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement and have a blast reusing them for your fans’ entertainment!


5. Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Another one of our favorites for evergreen content! Who doesn’t appreciate a good pick me up post? A feel good, you’re amazing, you can do it type post? I know I do! There are SO many amazing posts already out there on Facebook that you can grab with our Facebook Import feature. There’s also a TON on Pinterest that you can capture to schedule with our Photo Url feature. Create your own with the Design with Canva button and then you can reuse it wherever and whenever you’d like!

Once you save and create a nice variety of evergreen content it’s easy shuffle them into your product and every day life posts when scheduling ahead. Remember to stick to the 80/20 rule, posting 80% non-business related posts (basically all this awesome new evergreen content!) and 20% product/business opportunity posts. This applies to your business pages and groups but keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t really want you selling on your timeline – so when you’re posting about your business on your personal profile, make it more about sharing your love for your products and your Why. Give your posts a Call to Action with a TextClip so that you lead them to your page or group and you’re bound to keep everyone happy! We’d love to know which type of evergreen content is your favorite. Comment below and share with us!

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