You want to throw the best Facebook Parties ever, right? Sure! Who doesn’t? Custom albums are a great way to brighten up any party formula, keep things fresh and have your guests eager to see what’s coming next.


Custom Albums are the perfect way to showcase products to your guests in a fun and focused setting and here’s why you should use them:

1. They Look Fantastic!
Everyone will love scrolling through the big, beautiful images right inside your party. You can create post descriptions with a link to order or play games. It’s up to you if you want to have a theme or specific grouping in your album. If you sell jewelry, for example, you can have an album for earrings, another for necklaces, and yet another for matching sets. If you sell children’s books you can have albums according to genres. For nail wraps, you can create albums by color or print styles. You get the idea!

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2. Facebook Loves Them.
It’s true. Whether you are manually posting or scheduling, Facebook loves that you are posting one single post instead of pumping out a dozen or more posts within minutes. When you post custom albums, your chances of getting blocked will decrease immensely and that’s always a good thing.

3. You’ll Increase Visibility on Your Business Page.
It’s a struggle to get engagement on your business page these days but with custom albums your guests will comment on the posts during each party and those comments will remain in the album unless you delete them. It’s great because Facebook will notice that you’re receiving more organic activity and increase your reach in the newsfeed.

How To Create a Custom Album:

Go to your business page and click on Photos then Add Photos – you can upload as many as you’d like and give them captions which will appear as post messages in the album. That’s it! Piece of cake! Just make sure that your album is public so that when you share it to your party everyone can see the images. Don’t forget that you can add to your album in CinchShare by scheduling an image to the album when you have something new to share!

How to Schedule a Custom Album:

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