The kids may be super excited about summer break but as a work at home mom it can feel like your life gets turned upside down. Your business gets put on the back burner as you try to juggle all those family activities and then you frantically play catch up when it’s suddenly the busy holiday season. We can relate, so we wanted to help you save time, organize and reduce stress with a few helpful tips!



Plan it Out

Lisa, owner of Organize 365, says:

“This week I am planning summer vacation for the kids, here’s how I do it.

First, I take a piece of paper and make a calendar that comprises the ENTIRE summer on one sheet of paper. I have been doing this for years and decided this year to make it pretty and a printable.

Then, I number the days of the months using a different colored pen for each month.

Having this master calendar helps me see how evenly the activities are spaced out, where our annual trip to the beach falls and where we have long stretches of non activity.

I have tried to be the camp counselor type of mom who plans fun activities for the the kids everyday…

Um yeah – that’s never happened. But we do have routines in place. Every night, I take my daughter up to the pool to swim for an hour so hubby can get dinner going and relax.

But for our family, the best way to have a routine is to sign the kids up for a camp or program.”

Download your own Planning Summer FUN – Kids Activities Printable!

Get Them Involved

Melissa Fietsam, SED with Thirty-One Gifts, says that “Kids can help with the busy work! Labeling catalogs, putting together hostess packets, things like that.

It’s also fun to get them into marketing for you. We used to drive to a new neighborhood and hit the pavement! We walk through putting door hangers or mini catalogs at each house. My son used to stroll our own neighborhood and do the same!

Also get things in order in your office. Something that may sound so simple, can be a huge time saver. For example, take a box of envelopes and have your child put your return address labels on all of them! Time = MONEY! Have your daughter clean your office (or office closet in my case). Sit in your chair, look around, and you will see all kinds of things you do on a daily basis that you could pay your kids to do! Cause let’s face it, they’re gonna get your money one way or another…you might as well get something out of it!”

Save and Schedule

As a WAHM of four kids, CinchShare’s CEO, Jennifer, knows first hand that time management is a huge stress reliever! She highly suggests that you create a content calendar for the summer months and schedule as many posts to your timeline, business page and VIP/Team groups as you can so that you’re able to easily engage from wherever you are while on the go.

If you’re sitting poolside while the kids are swimming, scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and peruse Pinterest to save content for later use with CinchShare’s Save Feature. When you have some downtime (aka after bedtime) take those saved posts and schedule them so you’re not bogged down with work when it’s time to play!

Do you have a tip to share that works great for your family? Please comment below, we’d love to hear it!

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