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What we love the most about CinchShare is that you can use our software however you choose. We have many small business owners that use our software in various ways: to manage their business pages, to educate and train their teams, to create a community within their Facebook groups, as well as to hold Facebook parties. We want to provide you with a complete and reliable toolset that acts as your virtual assistant and saves you time, and now with our Batch Post feature, you can save even MORE time!

Our Batch Post feature allows you to cherry pick your favorite posts from your history, easily alter your interval, and have complete control with what you are posting and when. Best of all, you can schedule your entire Facebook party in seconds!

When we started developing this feature, it was designed with one purpose in mind, to help us reuse our best posts for the over 500 Cinch101 Facebook Training events that CinchShare has hosted. Our Cinch101s have approximately 25 posts that go out during the live one hour event, and scheduling each one of those posts individually took a bit of time. But one of the things that makes our trainings (er, parties) so successful is that we are always adding new original content, not only to keep our audience engaged, but to keep us fresh as well. We knew we needed a feature that allowed us to quickly reuse certain posts from a previous party, but also to have the flexibility to add to it with new original Canva designs and link posts – that’s when Batch was born!

So you may be wondering why we didn’t release Batch Post earlier? We knew that our Batch feature was something that could easily create many negative waves within the Facebook community since it is well known that completely automating your Facebook parties and reusing the exact same content over and over is a quick way to be seen as a spammy direct seller, as well as be seen as a spammy robot in Facebook’s eyes. Cookie-cutter behavior will likely land you in Facebook Jail as it does NOT add to the Facebook community in a positive way. So we decided to hold the batch feature back even though we knew it was something that the CinchShare and Facebook community was eagerly anticipating until we could determine how to roll it out sensibly.

We had faced a similar dilemma back in January 2014 when CinchShare launched and officially opened for business. At that time, we lead the entire Facebook app industry by only allowing our users to schedule posts to groups in which they were an administrator. We turned away many users that didn’t understand our position, however it has always been our first priority to create an easy to use marketing tool that added value to both the customer as well as the Facebook audience that was on the receiving end. Then, in May 2015 Facebook made it mandatory that all other Facebook apps follow in our footsteps. For us, batch posting deserved that same level of scrutiny.

So we have taken time and determined that the safest way to release this feature was to initially provide it to a smaller test group to see how it was received, and what better group than our own CinchShare Brand Ambassadors! The feedback we are receiving from our CBAs has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming that with Batch Post, Canva, our exclusive time saving features, and absolutely UNLIMITED scheduling to your timeline, pages, groups, events and albums, CinchShare truly offers a full range of features for marketing your business online. If you’re ready to save a massive amount of time with your social media marketing, leaving you MORE time to create content and personalize your parties, apply to become a brand ambassador today!

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