Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl, guest blogs and shares how you can turn your case of “The Can’ts” into cans by changing your mindset:

One of the top “I can’ts” that I hear as a Direct Sales biz coach is “I can’t get anyone to book a party.” Can’t statements mess with your head, killing any belief that you might have had that someone would actually say yes and book a party with you. Your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy.



Here’s what you really mean: I feel pushy about asking people to book a party.

What you can do about it:
Stop trying to get people to book a party. Booking is not a fun word, unless you’re booking an all-inclusive vacation. Most of the time “booking” refers to a doctors appointment, and “book ‘em” makes me think of women wearing orange. In a jail cell. No wonder you feel icky getting people to do it. Instead, change your mindset and create your own lingo that’s less salesy and more social.

Use words like:
“Invite me over…”, “Get the girls together…”, “We should wine-down online…”

Simplify the party experience so you can make it easy for your customer to say yes!

Or, have you ever thought this?
I can’t get anyone to book a party because of the economy.

What you really mean: I’m prejudging people based on my own limiting beliefs.
Ok, that might be deep, but it’s true.

What you can do about it:
Stop assuming everyone is thinking the same way you are. The truth is, direct sales typically thrives during economy downturns, when more customers are motivated to take advantage of hostess benefits and start a biz to supplement income. In other words, make your obstacle the reason people want to host a party. Tune in to what your customers really want, and put all you energy into finding solutions to help them get it.

Use open ended questions to reveal what the real obstacle is, like, “Oh no! You didn’t get the (favorite item) that you were so excited about. I can help! How does a little get-together sound?”

Or, how about this one?
I called everyone. I can’t even get my friends to book a party.
In reality, everyone was probably about 12 people, but that’s for another blog.

What you really mean: I’m afraid to get out and meet new people.

What you can do about it:
Getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to succeed in any business. If you’re willing to stretch a little, you’ll make it in direct sales. Start by connecting with people you already do business with, like your hairdresser or zumba instructor. Tell them you started a new biz and want to collaborate to see how you can help each other. You’ll refer them to your customers, if they’ll allow you to set up a table on one of their busy nights. Heck, you’ll even throw in a free prize giveaway. Work with the people you do biz with to create your own vendor events.

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She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.

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