Facebook is where your customers are, so it’s important to know how to build your direct sales (any small business) business on Facebook for success!

Gone are the days of only using your personal profile to sell your products and in are the days of embracing the entire Facebook toolkit.

The good news? Having another page on Facebook doesn’t mean a lot more work because CinchShare allows you to take a post and also post it to the other pages at the same time!

Great reach – same effort!

In order to use Facebook you’ll be required to create a profile. This profile is the owner of the Groups and Pages you’ll create for your business on Facebook as well your CinchShare account.

Now, in the old days we could use our profile to do all things business. But, those days are over because doing so goes against the Facebook community guidelines that we all agree to when we create an account.

Worst case scenario? If you violate these guidelines to excess, you may face having your Facebook profile completely deleted along with every Group and Page associated with it. 😵‍💫 So, don’t temp the rules and ensure you use the Group and Business Page for business!

How do you sell on Facebook then? With a Business Page and Group! Facebook isn’t trying to stop you from running a business on the platform, however it DOES want transparency for your customer (which is actually great business)!

Creating a business page is super fast, easy and free! The business page is how Facebook ensures transparency because a page has controls built in like the ability for your customers to leave a review as well as know more details about your business.

The business page is also the public “face” of your company (or direct sales business) on Facebook. It is the “profile” you need to use to provide them product related content in your group and Facebook parties. If you are still running your parties with your personal profile, you will find that your posts will not show correctly or be flagged as marketplace. This happens because Facebook sees that it’s a business related post trying to sell, but when you post to the group AS the business page – it’s smoothe sailing! Click here for how to post to a group as your business page in Facebook.

Don’t have a business page yet? We got you! Here’s a post on how to setup a business page.

Have a business page but it’s not linked to your group? Here’s how to link your business page to the group.

The last crucial piece of the direct seller’s Facebook toolkit is the Facebook group! The group is a way to stay connected to your customers, team and parties privately. Managing all of your groups is super easy with CinchShare because you have no limits to how many you can manage and you can easily re-use content from your post library across groups, pages and your profile.

Your customer group will thrive if you ensure it’s a place for value. Think of what you want people to come to YOU for and why they would spend time in your group – then create value packed content with a sprinkle of “sales” posts.

Our Facebook group is the backbone to our company and you can have that too! Read our tips to building a strong customer group that will be buzzing and buying.

Want to see how we run our Facebook Group and Page?

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