A Facebook party is simply the online version of a home party, where the goal is to make it so incredibly fantastic that guests are placing orders like crazy and begging you to book a party of their own!



Facebook Party Mistake #1 – Partying in a Facebook event instead of a Facebook group

Event posts are NOT given priority in the Newsfeed. They are considered a “child” network and have been known to have glitchy or non-existent notifications. Facebook clearly favors groups over events when it comes to showing people notifications so that’s the place to party

The Solution? Party in a Facebook group! Your result will be increased visibility and engagement in your parties!

Facebook Party Mistake #2 – Not scheduling party posts

Scrambling to manually post during your Facebook party is not only stressful, it keeps you from offering the best service to your host and it demonstrates to your party guests that you weren’t prepared. Embarrassing!!

The Solution? Plan ahead and schedule your party posts. Planning ahead and having all your posts ready to go will not only take a ton of stress off of you, it also allows you to be present and engage with your guests without missing a beat! They’ll appreciate all the attention which will likely result in more sales and more bookings! So schedule your Facebook party posts with CinchShare, engage and answer questions, and watch your business grow!

Facebook Party Mistake #3 – Not Varying Posts

Many Facebook parties largely consist of image posts that highlight products. However, posting the same type of post over and over again can trip Facebook’s spam filters and result in blocked posts as well as potential Facebook jail for your entire account.

The Solution? Vary the types of posts you share in your Facebook parties! Mixing up your content and posting a photo, then a video, then a status, then another photo, etc, helps to promote a genuine “feel” of real life conversation at a party, it will keep your guests’ attention AND make Facebook happy and you out of Facebook jail!

It’s safe to say that throwing virtual Facebook parties can take your direct sales business to the next level, so long as you are doing it right. Now you can avoid them right from the start!

biggest facebook party mistakes

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