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Setting up your first Facebook party in CinchShare

We are so excited that you chose CinchShare to help you throw Facebook Parties the easiest and fastest way! We have created this guide to help you get started in no time at all. Let's get started! Step 1: Setup your Facebook Party Group Correctly First thing you need...

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Blogging is key to direct seller’s success

Kristy Empol is with two direct sales companies, an industry she pursued so she could work when she wanted and enjoy time with her family. But it’s her blogging that has skyrocketed her success. In fact, it’s the blogging that has paid dividends to both of her...

Schedule to Twitter and Reach a New Audience!

Twitter is a great platform for direct sellers, small business owners and bloggers to branch out and reach an entirely new audience in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. Unlike Facebook, which you should only post on a few times a day, the Twitter feed moves so quickly...
How to Connect Facebook Groups in CinchShare

How to Connect Facebook Groups in CinchShare

Welcome to the FAST life friend! We are excited to help you be more efficient and more effective in your social media marketing - especially your Facebook Parties. So you just signed up, you have your Facebook profile connected and you are ready to get your Facebook...

Year of Facebook Theme Party Ideas

Free Year of Facebook Theme Party Ideas

Free Facebook Party Script & Host Checklist

Avoid Facebook Jail Checklist

Avoid Facebook Jail Checklist

How to Save a Facebook Party in Your Group Wall for Future Use with Post Topic Tags

Wondering how to find your Facebook party or training again in your Facebook Group? We have a great hack on how to keep your group organized and easily find a party you posted to your group wall (which we recommend as it's your group "living room"). Since the default...

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