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Setting up your first Facebook party in CinchShare

We are so excited that you chose CinchShare to help you throw Facebook Parties the easiest and fastest way! We have created this guide to help you get started in no time at all so you can have the same party success as Rachel. More engagement = More Sales🎉...

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Why You Need a Facebook Group for your Biz

To be successful in business, it is imperative to create a loyal, supportive and long-lasting community. Facebook groups are one of the best ways to make this happen. Within a group, you can establish friendships and provide a service for your...

Why You Want to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest keeps growing! With a 40% increase in users from last year, the visual search engine now has 200 million monthly users who are looking for new ideas and 70% of those are women according to Pinterest business statistics. Because Pinterest helps them decide...

How to stop Facebook posts being turned into Marketplace posts

Are you struggling with your posts being marked as marketplace posts? Why is this happening? Facebook is a massive platform that uses automated filters to keep the platform from being bombarded by spammy sales bots. This is an automated filter that is programmed to...

Facebook Algorithm Secret ⚡️ Bite-size Content

Facebook Algorithm Secret ⚡️ Bite-size Content

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your Facebook content is to focus on bite-sized content. What does that mean? Instead of creating one post that talks about multiple things - create multiple smaller posts! While it can feel like a good idea to make video...

Year of Facebook Theme Party Ideas

Free Year of Facebook Theme Party Ideas

Free Facebook Party Script & Host Checklist

Avoid Facebook Jail Checklist

Avoid Facebook Jail Checklist

Year of Facebook Theme Party Ideas

Free Social Media Content Calendars for Direct Sales

How To Link Your Facebook Group and Business Page for Maximum Engagement

Why you need a Facebook Business Page for your Direct Sales Business You need a Business Page because you're working your direct sales business on Facebook! Business Pages are free and connected to your personal profile, the same as any new Groups you create....

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