Of course we all love to look at the pretty pictures on Instagram, but how many do you truly engage with? I’m not talking about double tapping to like an image and scrolling on, but actually taking the time to comment and strike up a conversation with the poster and even those commenting. Do you do it? Better question: Do people engage with you?



Here are 5 easy ways to grab people’s attention on Instagram and keep them chatting!

1. Give Them Call To Actions:
If you’re like me along with 99% of the population, you LOVE being asked questions so you can offer your two cents. Call to Actions are simply questions that will cause a reaction whether it be nostalgic, supportive, or educational and incite emotion which will in turn create the impulse to comment on a post. Here’s an example of a CTA:


2. Use Your Link Wisely!

Instagram gives you one link where you can direct your traffic so where oh where do you send them? Be strategic! Guide them to a destination that will offer them value so they will return to you on Instagram for more! Instead of simply linking to your sales site, try linking to your blog, ebook or your Facebook group. We have our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Facebook group as our current link and once people join the group they become a part of our tribe and then we chitchat on Instagram like old friends! When others see that camaraderie they’re much more inclined to get in on the action and bingo! You have tons of engagement.

3. Tell Your Followers to Turn Their Notifications On for Your Posts.

Get in their faces! Post an image every so often that will not only provide a great overall Instagram tip to further their knowledge, but one that also invites your followers to see your posts in their feed whenever they login to their account. It’s easy to do, you simply go to the profile of the person you’d like to follow (ahem, that would be you!), click on the three dots and select Turn On Post Notifications. If they can see you, they are much more likely to engage with you!

4. Update Your App to Get the Latest Features!

Have you checked them out yet? A couple weeks back, Instagram released the ability to like individual comments and reply to them. How fun is that? AND it’s fantastic for increasing engagement because not only will people feel acknowledged that you liked their comment that they took the time to write, but replying with the ability to tag them automatically really seals the deal! Go try it out now and you’ll see, it’s pretty awesome!



5. Hashtags Really are Your Bread and Butter:

I know you hear it all the time, but using the right hashtags is the easiest way to get noticed on Instagram, thus resulting in engagement. Search what’s trending on Instagram (you can click on any hashtag to view all posts with that hashtag) and read our Hashtag Guide for Direct Sellers to see which ones would work best for you. Don’t forget to check out what others are using for their hashtags as well! You know, those really successful and gorgeous Instagram accounts that you simply drool over? It’s ok to do what they do, they know their stuff! Keep in mind that it’s not all about how many followers you have, but the quality of followers. You don’t want a spammy audience that gives you a thumbs up emoji on each post as it takes three words for the comment to count and rank your post to increase visibility. You want to appeal to real people who will strike up conversations with you and help your Instagram popularity grow. It’s also a great idea to brand yourself with a unique hashtag. Promote it on other platforms and send people to your Instagram account. Have a monthly challenge where people can win a prize by using your hashtag.

Remember to keep your posts consistent, fun, motivational and educational and people will look forward to your content and interacting with you! I’d love to hear how these tips helped to increase your engagement so be sure to update me by commenting below and be sure to follow us if you aren’t already @cinchshare

Happy Posting!

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