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Create, organize, save and schedule posts, pins and tweets all in one place with effort saving features to free you from the overwhelm of social media marketing.

Great for Independent Sales Consultants

  • Create, Post, and Run profitable Facebook Parties in seconds with Batch Post
  • Replace Host names and ordering links in one click
  • Help your team grow their sales with content sharing
  • Filter posts by networks and categories you create
  • Save Instagram hashtags, links and frequently used phrases

Consultants and Brands 
LOVE CinchShare.

The only social media marketing scheduling platform built for direct sellers, MLM marketers and bosses flying solo.

“CinchShare's service, training and value is unparalleled”

CinchShare has changed the game for direct sellers by allowing consultants to balance business and personal, and run their businesses through more strategic and automated means. It's the only tool I recommend to my communities, and the only tool I use for my own scheduling. Their service, training, and value is unparalleled. I'm thrilled to call them a partner and friend.

– Brenda Ster

“Business has increased four fold since using this powerful tool”

What a game changer!! CinchShare is an essential ingredient to direct sales success! I've used CinchShare exclusively for 2 years and can't imagine how I would do multiple virtual parties simultaneously without it. Business has increased four fold as this powerful tool allows me to easily manage posts, tweets, and pins all from the same super easy, fast, & user friendly post manager, enabling me to create once & use posts multiple times. It makes sharing with my team effortless and most importantly, frees me up to interact with guests and boost my sales!

– Alisa Risso

“With CinchShare, it's so much less stressful than trying to post manually in a Facebook party”

TY CinchShare! I just did a Facebook Party using your scheduling tool and it was a breeze! So less stressful than trying to post while keeping up with comments. Love text clips too! Can't wait to pin from my biz page and use your other features. Huge game-changer for direct sellers & small biz owners! Get it girl's!

– Lynn Bardowski

“After signing up with CinchShare, my sales skyrocketed and I've also upped my recruiting!”

I've been with Pampered Chef for 9 years and a very seasoned (old) consultant. My in home parties were trickling off and I knew I wanted to save my business. The time had come to take the leap to virtual parties or hang up my apron. After signing up with CinchShare, my sales skyrocketed and I was able to successfully navigate the software at almost 70 years of age! I am now consistently conducting 6-8 Facebook parties each month and selling over $3000 too! I recommend it to everyone - plus, I've upped my recruiting as folks see how effortless it is. Great job!

– Linda Swiatek Ulaszewski

“CinchShare allows me to spend my time doing what I love”

I have used tons of different scheduling tools, CinchShare is the only one I refer my clients to. It is easy to use and the ability to schedule to all my groups and pages is priceless. I can schedule everything weeks in advance and spend the time doing what I love...working with consultants and watching them succeed. CinchShare knows what Direct Sales consultants need, they listen and they keep it super easy for the average person. This company is second to NONE.

– Jill McCarthy

“CinchShare enables me to make money for my family while at the same time spending time with my kiddos”

Y'all, as a direct sales consultant CinchShare has saved me numerous hours of being glued to my computer/phone/etc! With 3 little ones at home and 2 dogs my time is pretty limited. I have to use it wisely. With running my business via virtual only this program is a lifesaver!!! It allows me to set up my parties in just a few minutes, and then I only have to interact in the group as needed! I don't have to worry about if I posted something or not-because it's already done for me! Thank you CinchShare for enabling me to make money for my family while at the same time spending time with my kiddos!

– Sarah Morris

Awesome for Creative Solopreneurs

  • Plan and schedule posts days or months out
  • Upload images quickly and easily
  • Cross platform posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Save content you discover around the web for later use
  • All posts automatically saved and archived in Manage Posts

Manage All your Social
Accounts in One Place


Unlimited Scheduling to your timeline, groups, albums and business pages


Unlimited post and repost scheduling functionality with 9 tile drag and drop grid view*


Unlimited Tweet and Retweet Scheduling and Management


Unlimited pins to both personal and group boards


A simple graphic design platform to create social posts, banner photos, ebooks, invitations and more

*Get reminders straight to your phone when it's time to post, Instagram does not allow for posts to be automatically delivered for you.

Manage your social media marketing efforts, anywhere.

  • Native iOS and Android apps for a true mobile experience
  • Post on-the-go from your phone or tablet
  • All features available on both desktop and mobile

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“CinchShare is the solution to the frustration we have in direct sales, MLM and small business”

CinchShare is the solution to the frustration we have in direct sales, MLM and small business. It gives us freedom, flexibility, and confidence with a simple method to accomplish posting consistently to build trust, credibility and connections instead of just “advertising.” At the same time, it frees up our life so we can serve in our community, be at the baseball games and even take a sick day. It’s affordable, the customer service is extraordinary, and CinchShare’s commitment to their customers' needs truly sets them apart!!!

– Michelle Withers

“CinchShare is intuitive and saves me a tremendous amount of time while providing the flexibility I need in managing my business”

It doesn't take very long to realize the incredible benefits CinchShare offers! The software is intuitive. I was able to jump right in and feel comfortable in such a small amount of time. Using it saves me a tremendous amount of time and provides the flexibility I need in managing my business. Highly recommended.

– Juliane Leighton

“I was able to sell over $50,000 last year with the help of CinchShare”

CinchShare is a life saver, plain and simple. I can schedule my parties and posts on MY time and have complete faith that CinchShare will run my business for me. The freedom it has allowed me is priceless! I truly do not know how I ever ran my business before it. I sold over $50,000 in personal sales last fiscal year. I could never have kept up that volume without this amazing tool. CinchShare listens to what their customers need and they deliver. They're game changers who just keep getting better!

– Melissa Fietsam

“I love using CinchShare because it saves me so much time, and of course, time is money”

I love using CinchShare because it saves me so much time! And of course, time is money! The features make it super easy to use and learn. You are scheduling posts in minutes. I used to do a lot of cutting, pasting, saving to my hard drive, then wasting time searching for the image, and then writing my text each time. With CinchShare it's super easy to SAVE (my favorite feature!) your images into categories that are SEARCHABLE, saving you time to do other important things like spending time with your family or taking a dip in the pool! I love how the software gives you so much flexibility and options to create your own unique images with Canva. I love that there was a 'try before you buy' option, but honestly, I would have signed up anyway!

– Edna Boehm Smith

“CinchShare is such a valuable tool for those in the direct sales industry and is so simple to use”

CinchShare is such a valuable tool for those in the direct sales industry. With the increased use of Facebook parties and team meetings, CinchShare allows you to schedule everything ahead of time so you can actively interact with the participants during the event. It is simple to use! Love the integration with Canva for creating pictures and posts.

– Alice Hinckley

“CinchShare is a wonderful virtual scheduling assistant that makes my Facebook and online parties easy and FUN to do”

I don't know what I would do without this wonderful Virtual Scheduling Assistant that makes my Facebook and online parties to easy and FUN to do!!! Not only do I use it for my parties, but I also use it on my business page and group pages! Thank you CinchShare for this incredible time saving ability!!

– Lisa Freeman

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