The holiday shopping season has begun! Instead of posting product photos on Facebook, crossing your fingers and wishing for those holiday sales, there are ways to get your friends and customers talking so you can not only help them select the perfect gifts for their loved ones, but also build relationships with them so they become long lasting and loyal customers. Let’s learn how to post holiday content that will get you great engagement!

Ask Questions
One of the best ways to get holiday sales is simply to encourage your audience to talk about the holidays. You can ask very basic holiday questions as well as questions that are more directed to the topic of shopping and gifts. You can post these as single questions, or have fun with a multi-photo post and ask them a bunch at once in your Facebook parties and turn it into a game!

Here are a few questions to help you get your creative juices flowing:

– Ask them about their holiday traditions.
Do you A. Wrap or B. Bag gifts?

What type of Christmas tree lights do you prefer?
A. Colored or B. White

– Ask them who is on their gift list.
Who on your list is an organization queen/king?
Who on your list loves to cook?

– Ask who they are struggling to find the perfect gift for.
Who on your list is the most difficult to purchase for?
How many teenagers are on your list?

– Ask who they need a $10 and under gift for.
How many teachers are you buying for?
Who are you filling stockings for?

Use festive holiday graphics
Holiday engagement graphics are the BEST way to get people chatting! We’ve compiled a shared folder of holiday graphics for you to make things even easier and save you MORE time! If you’re a CinchShare user, you can click here: https://cnch.us/adctq3 and add them to your account right now! If you’re not yet using CinchShare, you can get started for FREE and get this folder. What are you waiting for? Grab your free graphics today!

Spread the holiday cheer
When you’re marketing for the holiday social selling season, you want to post everywhere you can! This means your Facebook timeline, group(s), business page and parties. Each location on Facebook and Instagram (Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest too!) attracts a different type of person, and by posting in all places you will increase the number of people with whom you can talk with about their gift giving list!

Give them holiday perks
Remember to think about pairing gifts in bundles and offering free shipping or gift wrapping. Your customers will love that you’re giving them options and alleviating some of their stress that comes along with the holiday season!

Showcase your products
Facebook Page Albums are a fantastic way to offer your followers a personalized shopping experience and highlight certain products without having them become overwhelmed or get “lost” on your website.

You can feature best sellers and create different albums according to genre:

For example:
Gifts for Her
Gifts for Him
Gifts for Kids
Gifts for Teachers

These are all great albums to have available for your followers and party guests to view. Giving them ideas and visuals will increase your sales – people LOVE suggestions and they love to SEE them showcased in an album!

Embrace your inner elf
Go Live with festive holiday props to share a daily Countdown to Christmas! Showcase one gift idea each day and close with a CTA (Call to Action) that generates sales. Putting yourself out there so that your audience can see you and get to know you while you’re passionately sharing your products with them is a fantastic way to get noticed and build long lasting relationships! Add in the festive fun factor with props and you will be an absolute hit!

Lend a helping hand
Give your potential customers, past customers and Hosts a way to organize their gift giving ideas during the hectic holiday shopping season by providing them with a fun and festive Wish List. Help them figure out what they need to buy from YOU!

Deck those virtual walls
The key to having the success you want for the holiday season is getting your plan and calendar prepared now! Take some time before your schedule gets busy to plan how you can build the know, like and trust factor so when it’s time to launch for the holidays your audience is excited and ready to buy! With a little bit of pre-planning and preparation you can have a very successful holiday season with your Direct Sales business. CinchShare can help! Get started for FREE!

Most of all, have FUN with your holiday content! People want to feel jolly and merry and warm and fuzzy inside – so help them get all the feels while you get to know one another and build those relationships that lead to sales and long lasting customers!

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