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Create on the go, in the car and on the playground with our free app. Download the CinchShare app in your app store (iOS & Android). On a tablet? Use CinchShare in your browser like Chrome or Safari.


Connect Your Networks

Click here for step-by-step guide to connect Facebook Groups to CinchShare

CinchShare My Networks Page

Super important: FB made some big changes in 2021 that effect anyone running Facebook parties.

Facebook now requires that if you’re doing business on Facebook, to post business/sales posts from your FB business page and no longer from a personal profile.

This is super easy with CinchShare, here’s how:

Step 1. Link your Facebook business page to your Facebook groups.

Click here for how to link.

Step 2. Schedule sales posts to come from the business page to the group.

Click here for how to schedule posts.



Import old Facebook Party Posts into your CinchShare account.

Import the images of the post using Photo URL feature shown here. Then, copy and paste the post message into CinchShare. Once done – you can choose to Save (see next section) or Schedule it.

Save a post to your CinchShare folders

You have an unlimited cloud drive storage with your CinchShare folders to save photos and videos that you can access from any device instantly – without hogging up all of your device storage!

Schedule your first post.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to create your first post using a free graphic from the Cinch Graphics library.


Schedule a Multi-Photo Post with up to 100 images.


Schedule a video post.

Facebook Party Posting Magic

Repost from your auto-saved history

Everything you post is automatically saved in your History CinchShare folder – including your Facebook Parties. Easily re-use content you have posted, even entire Facebook parties, in minutes with Batch Post by CinchShare. Ready for the magic? When you Batch Post from a party in your History or Pending folder – we keep the post timing for you automatically!

Create and use TextClips

Create limitless clips of text so you never have to copy/paste again. Great for ordering links, website links, Call to Actions, hashtag bundles and more.


And those are the basics! Ready for more time-saving features?

  • Photo Url Import: Make a carbon copy of an image from Facebook, Pinterest and more.
  • Instagram: Schedule your Instagram posts, including Stories, through your Desktop and Mobile CinchShare App.
  • Bulk Photo Upload: Upload all your photos from your devices and store them inside CinchShare to free up space and easily locate them when needed.
  • Cinch Graphics Library folder – Over 2,500 free done-for-you graphics to use.
    Get started posting easily in your brand new CinchShare account by scheduling posts from thousands of ready-made graphics.


next up, let’s get your first facebook party going 

it’s time to party, people!
how to setup facebook party in cinchshare

have a team? get them setup in CinchShare! 

Ensure new consultant success and streamline your organization flow with CinchShare folders and unlimited storage and sharing!
You have an unlimited cloud drive storage with your CinchShare folders to save photos and videos that you can access from any device instantly – without hogging up all of your device storage! 

How to create a folder

How to share a folder

How to copy a shared folder

How to batch post from a folder

Instagram: get setup to auto post & schedule stories 

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