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Ten Tips from Facebook Party Pros

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Welcome to the world of Facebook parties, where you can increase sales and grow your team at an astronomical rate! With over 10 million Facebook Parties scheduled through CinchShare, we can assure you the Facebook party can change your business! We’re not…

Published: Sep 09, 2022

Welcome to the world of Facebook parties, where you can increase sales and grow your team at an astronomical rate!

With over 10 million Facebook Parties scheduled through CinchShare, we can assure you the Facebook party can change your business!

We’re not messing around here; throwing virtual parties blows up your business, and to prove it, we have ten of the pros who want to share their top tips with you to help you get the most out of yours – seriously, these ladies are making a killing online! Do as they say AND as they do!

Facebook Party Tip #1:

It takes two
It’s not just you when it comes to throwing a phenomenal Facebook party. Your Host/ess is your co-pilot and it’s always a good idea to put her needs first. Julie Anne Satterwhite of Thirty-One Gifts explains:

“My Facebook parties take place “live” with posting occuring during a 30-45 minute window that way it mimics an in-person home party. When selecting the date for a Facebook party I always ensure that the date and time of the party works best for my hostess and me, not just one of us. This ensures that both she and I are available to interact with her guests, answer questions in real time, and create a more real “live” experience.”

Julie Anne Satterwhite, Thirty-One Gifts

Facebook Party Tip #2: Combine to save time

Kristyn Sabella Bray of Ruby Ribbon mixes things up by throwing Facebook Parties with a few Hostesses at once! She says:

“My best tip is to hold your parties in multi hostess group events instead of multiple single events. Work smarter, not harder! Not only does it make less work for you, it helps the Facebook algorithms to work in your favor by increasing the number of interactions on your posts. Also, there are more people to give their personal testimonies for your products so your guests hear from more than just you.”

Kristyn Sabella Bray, Ruby Ribbon

Facebook Party Tip #3: Get the Host involved

NancyAnn Wartman, a top leader with Usborne Books & More, definitely knows how to include the Host by using Host Wishlists:

“I love to have the host share her wishlist with me soon so I can use that during pre-party posts and even during the party.  Posts and engagement questions can be centered around her wishlist.

Example, Which book do you think is on _________‘s wishlist?

A – Vet Academy

B – Fingerprint Activities

(create a This or That image in Canva)

With posts that use your Host’s wishlist, you’re giving the Host a comfortable avenue to engage with her friends.  After she engages here, she’ll engage more on other posts, too. All that engagement drives your party posts into greater visibility for the whole party.”

NancyAnn Wartman, Usborne Books & More

Facebook Party Tip #4: Meet & Greet

Your Host already knows her guests, but you don’t! Jessica Fogarty with Princess House, is rockin’ her Facebook Parties because she brings the face to face aspect into the virtual world:

“I like to treat Facebook parties like home parties. Like a home party, I make sure I greet party guests and ask questions to get to know them! I start building relationships right away which makes customers more likely to buy, book parties and join my team.”

Jessica Fogarty, Princess House

Facebook Party Tip #5: Put on a good show

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many Facebook Parties out there are a bit (yawn) boring. Be sure to spice things up! Throw in some games and activities to really get your guests chatting. Krista Clay, a top Pink Zebra consultant who grew her incredibly successful business strictly by hosting Facebook Parties has this to say:

“You have to create a fun and interactive atmosphere that people want to be part of.  It is a cyclical effect. Fun creates interaction which creates more fun. This creates opportunities to get to know each other and build relationships! All of which creates sales! Go old school customer service!”

Krista Clay, Pink Zebra

Facebook Party Tip #6: Choose the best location for you and your Host

Facebook gives you a few different options for places to throw your parties and we’ve tried them all. Wendy Gundlach, a leading Lilla Rose stylist prefers Facebook Groups and here’s why:

“Host your parties in a group. When your Hostess falls in love with your product and joins your team she has an instant VIP group of her very own!! You can also host a fun giveaway in your Facebook Parties to encourage party guests to join your VIP group! #funnelingisfun “

Wendy Gundlach, Lilla Rose

Facebook Party Tip #7: Keep it real

People feel most comfortable with those who share their personal experiences, especially when it comes to purchasing products! Kristen Coy, a leading Pampered Chef consultant, knows from her substantial business growth that is exactly what works in her parties! She shares:

“Don’t forget to be real. People will trust you more if you share some of your personal struggles and solutions with your products! Comment back on a post and not just like or give a thumbs up. They crave conversations and real people!”

Kristen Coy, Pampered Chef

Facebook Party Tip #8: Be authentically awesome

Another leading Pampered Chef consultant, Arin Cacciolo, also knows that relationships and being authentically social is the key to success online. She says:

“The absolute most important part of a successful Facebook party, and an overall healthy virtual business, is building relationships. Using CinchShare to post my content, leaves my time open to build relationships with my guests and my hosts.  This creates a level of trust between my guests and myself, and opens them up to wanting to spend more with me, book parties with me, and ultimately join my team.”

Arin Cacciolo, Pampered Chef

Facebook Party Tip #9: Seal the deal

Closing your Facebook Parties can be one of the trickiest steps to getting those last minute sales, but Kelli Meyrand with Magnabilities is an expert at getting the job done!

“Wrapping up Facebook parties is often the hardest part, but it is very important. Make sure you give a deadline for orders and remind guests of the ordering link or information. Most importantly, share the Hostess opportunity and business opportunity. Give your guests an idea of the Hostess rewards and how they could join and earn rewards as a consultant as well. Don’t skip this step, your next amazing party Hostess or outstanding team member could be right there!”

Kelli Meyrend, Magnabilities

Facebook Party Tip #10: Plan ahead for a flawless party

CinchShare knows a thing or two about partying on Facebook – we’ve hosted thousands over the years ourselves! Our best tip is to:

“Schedule your content! By planning ahead and having your party script laid out, complete with post messages, links, videos and graphics, you have the ability to check for errors and don’t have to worry about copying/pasting, stressing, or worrying about what’s next during the actual party. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to place ALL your focus on your guests instead of worrying about the party content. Let us do that for you while YOU and your Host engage with your guests and have a blast in your own parties too! Why should the guests have all the fun?”


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