★★★★★ CinchShare makes scheduling Facebook parties so easy, I love that I can schedule a party and reschedule all the posts for the next party super fast and easy but also scheduling helps free up time to spend interacting with the guests in the virtual parties.

– Arlene Gurule

With the hustle and bustle of running a business, the last thing on your To Do list is to spend hours a day maintaining your business presence on social media.

Honestly, there’s no way I could run a successful business, plan a conference and be an attentive wife and mom of four amongst a gazillion other things if I was constantly glued to my laptop. So what is my favorite time saving feature of choice? It’s easily Batch Post! I spend a few minutes scheduling all my posts and tweets for the week and then I’m able to focus on other things like chatting with you in the SocialCinch Club!

What is Batch Posting?

The special sauce that allows you to save HOURS of time in scheduling Facebook parties as well as the rest of your social media! 

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the easiest and fastest social media scheduling app manage all of your social media in one place
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How do I use Batch Post?

There are two main ways to use Batch Post.

1 – Schedule weeks or months of regular social media content to any social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. This kind of scheduling ensures you are consistent on multiple social networks while also having the ability to post in-the-moment social media alongside the scheduled content.

2 – Schedule a Facebook (virtual) Party which can be a training, shopping party, virtual trunk show, workshop series, etc. These virtual events have multiple posts that are scheduled over anywhere from 30 minutes to days or a month.

How do you Batch Post in CinchShare?

  1. Choose the posts you want to schedule in Manage Posts section of CinchShare in a History, Pending or Saved folder
  2. Click Batch Post
  3. Choose date to start batch
  4. Choose time interval between posts from minutes, hours or days
  5. Click Apply Interval (only available in History or Pending)
  6. Choose Network(s) to schedule posts to
  7. Verify post days and times
  8. Click Schedule Batch 

Can I quickly find and replace names, links and phrases?

Absolutely with the CinchShare Find & Replace feature which works on Pending posts as well as posts Saved in a folder. Here’s a quick video how-to:

Need to mass-edit the timing of a party? No problem with Time Shift!

Quickly mass-edit the timing on an entire party with Time Shift! You can choose to Add or Subtract a certain amount of Minutes, Hours or Days all at once. Here’s a quick video how-to:

Should you Batch Post your Facebook content?

Unlike a template, Batch Post allows you to hand pick your content so you have a ton of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. You can batch posts to your Business Page using the 80/20 rule of content marketing. Go into your Post History and select a bunch of posts that received great engagement months ago so your new followers can see them too! One post a day is a great start just to keep consistent and let everyone know that you’re in business.

You can also batch an entire training for your team, a class for your group members who want to learn more about your products and of course, batching your Facebook parties makes it super easy to go back and edit a few posts to really make it personal and keep your party script fresh!

Should you Batch Post your tweets?

Aside from being able to Batch hundreds of tweets in seconds, batching your Twitter content has never been easier with the Shuffle feature! By mixing up your evergreen content, you can easily have a week’s worth, month’s worth or season’s worth of tweets scheduled with CinchShare so you can check in once a day to engage, retweet, and live tweet a couple posts here and there. Batch a Twitter Chat so you’re able to answer questions and not worry about missing a tweet!


★★★★★ I am a stay at home mom to a 2yr old and a 2 month old! I’d never have the time to post in 5 parties a day without Cinchshare and my business page and VIP group!! Pampered Chef is my full time job, and Cinchshare helps make that possible!! It keeps me home with my babies!!

– Verity Blackburn

unlimited everything. one simple plan.

the easiest and fastest social media scheduling app manage all of your social media in one place
and just $10/month after that! no contract, cancel at any time!