We can all agree that it’s great to receive likes on Instagram, am I right? Sure! But what’s better than a like? A FOLLOW. So how do you go about getting people to actually decide that you’re someone they’d love to see more of when they find you in a hashtag search? You captivate them with your Instagram bio of course!

Smile, Sunshine
The first thing you need to do is show people who you are – and that is by having a photo of YOU in your bio. Yep! Even if you are using Instagram for your business, you still want to connect with your followers on a personal level and what better way to do that then by putting your face right in their face. Unless you’re a big brand, having a clear and professional photo of yourself is much more welcoming than a logo as a solopreneur, so smile pretty for the camera!

Short & Sweet
There’s a bit of a strategy with how to go about writing an Instagram bio. It’s not rocket science, but it isn’t a space where you can simply jot down whatever comes to mind either. You need to think of yourself (and your business) and spin it into a couple short sentences, phrases or keywords that explain why you provide VALUE. People want to learn from others and be entertained on Instagram, so what’s in it for them if they follow you? What’s your specialty that sets you apart from others? Make your Instagram bio enticing and alluring; it’s an introduction into your world and you are welcoming them to join you. Be passionate in those 150 characters and include a few emojis as well for some extra eye candy that shows off your personality!

Give Them Options
Instagram only allows one link in your bio but you can use a free site called Linktree which leads your followers to a page where you have several links for them to learn more about what you have to offer. They can follow you on other platforms, check out your blog and website or watch your latest YouTube video. Read our blog post all about how to set up a Linktree account for your Instagram bio and have fun with it!

Now that you have the tips and the tools to create an attention grabbing Instagram bio – what are you waiting for? Get to work and when you think it’s ready then tag us on a post [email protected] – so we can check it out and follow you! And don’t forget that you can schedule all your posts to Instagram with CinchShare to plan out your strategy and remain consistent so that you provide your followers with quality content to keep them coming back for more!

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